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San Martín Museum, Moyobamba

Sala "Dorin Pavel Mendoza Del Aguila"

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  • Photographic Exhibitions
    • "Old Moyobamba"
    • "Tribal Communities"
    • "The face of my beloved Amazon Basin"
    • "Moyobamba: The beauty of Ñahuincheando"
  • Sculptures and craft of Amazon images
  • Antiques (clocks, lamps, telegraph, etc.) 16th and 17th centuries
  • Historical Documents (Manuscript of the Spanish Captain Juan Pérez de Guevara who founded Moyobamba in 1540 - Royal Document of 1802, archive of local newspapers, shield of Moyobamba authorized by Viceroy Abascal in 1816.
  • Fossils: plant and gastropods (Mesozoic-Paleozoic and  Jurasico-Permic periods).
  • Stone implements of the area (axes, mortars, etc.), stalactites, stalagmites.
  • Wild fauna (Birds of the Amazon region, taxidermy).
  • Flora (Various species of orchids - there are approximately 2,500 in the region).
  • Traditional clothing from communities of the area.
  • Documents and archaeological research materials.
  • Documents on the study of the Rio Abiseo National Park.
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