Threats to the environment and indigenous peoples in Alto Mayo from oil exploitation.

Protest against oil exploitation and threats to indigenous communitiesProtests in Moyobamba, San Martin, Peru against oil exploration and exploitation which threatens the traditional indigenous Aguaruna jungle communities and their way of life, as well as tropical rainforest, some of which may lose its protected status.

A public enquiry was held in the town hall of Moyobamba, in the Alto Mayo are of San Martín on 21st and 22nd of November 2001.

Local conservation groups including the Otorongo Holistic Ecology Centre based in Moyobamba ( ) protested at the public enquiry.

Their concerns include the threat to the local indigenous native tribes and communities of the Aguaruna, who up to now have been able to continue their way of life an culture with comparatively little interference from outside.  Oil exploitation and oil production, which might be within the actual communities, will potentially change their culture rapidly and drastically of public enquiry into oil exploitation in Alto Mayo, San Martín, Peru

Oil exploitation as with the gold rushes and similar expoitation of resources usually gives a temporary glut of work and money, leading to change in desires, "needs" and acquisition patterns. Once the exploitation stops, and the flow of money, how can this unreversable change be managed?

Protest march against oil development and to protect indigenous communities

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